Welcome to the PlaNFT product tutorials.

Intro to PlaNFT

PlaNFT, an NFT marketplace to mint, trade, and use NFT of social features. A KOL can build telegram or discord social clubs with NFTs.

There has been a gap between the general internet users and the NFT community. From many people's perspectives, NFTs are merely collectibles from the crypto world, and obtaining an NFT is complicated - wallet installation and crypto purchase make hurdles.

PlaNFT creates a set of infrastructures for bridging internet users to the world of NFT on blockchains. Users can seamlessly mint or trade NFT without installing and using a browser extension. On the other side, NFTs can be used as certificates of identity to join respective social clubs.

The final mission of PlaNFT is to introduce billions of internet users to the Web 3.0 age, where data is owned and primarily benefits the content providers.

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