Make Mystery Box NFT Collection

The Mystery Box is now available to everyone. Without any entry barrier, everyone can have fun! This tutorial will lead you on how to mint mystery box NFTs.

How to make a mystery box NFT collection

Prerequisite: Connect your crypto wallet to PlaNFT. (Refer to crypto wallet.)

Step 1: Log in to PlaNFT.

Step 2: Click Mystery Box NFTs on PlaNFT homepage. Click make a mystery box collection, you will see the following page as shown below.

Step 3: Select the blockchain that you would like to make a mystery box NFT collection on. Polygon, BNB Chain, and Ethereum are available.

  • Currently, avatar wallet supports minting mystery box NFTs on the Polygon chain.

  • Conventional wallets support minting mystery box NFTs on Polygon, BNB, ETH chains.

Step 4: Choose one of the following ways to decide the picture contained in the mystery box NFTs.

  • AI-created pics: Search with keywords in the search bar, click Go or press enter, and you will see the AI-generated image. If you don't see the picture you like, you can click Go to regenerate until you are satisfied with the pics. Click on the image generated by AI, and the number of selected images represents the number of your mystery box issued. Your selected pics will be shown in Selected pictures area, and pics in Selected pictures area represent the Number of NFTs in the mystery box.

  • Upload Pics: Click choose files to customize the upload of mystery box pictures. Different pictures need a single click to upload. The number of each picture can be customized. Your selected pics will be shown in Selected pictures area, and pics in Selected pictures area represent the Number of NFTs in the mystery box.

  • Random pics:Use AI to automatically generate random pictures. In this mode, you don't need to upload or select any image. Every image of the mystery box will be randomly generated according to your NFT Collection keyword after a NFT buyer mints NFT.

Step 5: Fill out the Basic Information.

  • Collection: You can customize the name of the NFT collection. You can also click Select a Collection to select a collection name you have created before.

  • Title: Customize the name of each NFT in your NFT collection, title is unique. The name of each NFT in the NFT collection will be: title + token ID.

  • Amount to mint: The number of pictures you select, the number of pictures represents the number of mystery box NFTs.

  • Default Group type: Choose telegram or discord and everyone who buys your mystery box NFT can join the same on-chain club. For how to connect your crypto wallet to telegram or discord before choosing, please refer to How do I connect my crypto wallet to discord or telegram.

  • Mint Fees: Set the minting fee required for a single NFT in this mystery box. It will determine the token value that each minter needs to pay for a single NFT. Mint fee will be automatically transferred to your wallet address after every NFT buyer mint your mystery box NFT.

  • Information:

    • Description: Description of your mystery box.

    • Royalties: Ranges from 0.00% to 10%. The buyer will bear the fee, PlaNFT will return the corresponding token value of the royalties to the creator after the buyers pay for it.

Step 6: Click Issue Mystery Box NFTs.

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