Character Creation NFT

Prerequisite: Connect your crypto wallet to PlaNFT. (Refer to crypto wallet.)

Step 1: Select Create NFT>Character Creation on the PlaNFT homepage.

Step 2: In the Gender area, select the gender of the avatar NFT you want to mint.

Step 3: Click on complexion, choose your skin tone and background color.

Step 4: Click on Hairstyle to choose your hairstyle.

Step 5: Click on face to choose your eye and mouth style.

Step 6: Click on clothing, select your bottom layer and top layer, and you will see the NFT you mint as below.

Step 7: Click complete.

Step 8: Click Yes, mint it.

Sign transactions with wallet authorization

Step 9: If it is the first time to use the wallet to trade, you need to complete the following authorizations in sequence.

  1. Click Confirm to authorize your crypto wallet address to the PlaNFT transaction agency contract. You need to pay a small one-time gas fee during this process.

  2. Click Confirm to authorize your NFT to PlaNFT transaction contract.

  3. If the pending order currency is ERC-20, you need to click Confirm once to authorize your ERC-20 token. If it is a native token, this step is not required.

Step 10: Click Sign to confirm the transaction. You will see the following page as shown below after the transaction is successful.

Step 11: Optional, you can click View TxID to view your transaction hash. After minting is complete, you can click View on Polygon to view your transaction hash. Click start your life at PlaNFT and you will be back to the PlaNFT home page.

Subscribe to Telegram bot to receive your NFT updates

Prerequisite: Connect your crypto wallet to Telegram. (Refer to How do I connect my crypto wallet to discord or telegram.)

Step 12: Click on your Profile Picture on the top right corner of the PlaNFT webpage and go to My Wallet to find the NFT you want to subscribe to for updates.

Step 13: Click Listings & Offers>Subscribe, then click on the copy button under copy the parameters to copy the message.

Step 14: Click PlaNFT NFT Subscription, click Open telegram Desktop on the pop-up window to log in to your Telegram account and send the copied message to the PlaNFT MarketPlace Bot.

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