Avatar Wallet

Definition of Avatar Wallet

  • A blockchain wallet that any internet user can master with 1- click.

  • A smart-contract-based wallet that makes its own league.

  • A decentralized wallet that only the owners with the proper credentials (for example, a Google account) can have access to.

  • A non-custody wallet where anyone but you can touch your assets.

There are various conventional blockchain wallets in the market. Unfortunately, they all require download, installation, and memorization & protection of the seed phrases. Avatar wallet is the new wallet concept that targets bridging the traditional internet community and the metaverse. For establishing and using an avatar wallet, one would only need a Google account as the credential and not need to install and maintain a private key.

The avatar wallet introduces a new concept and invalidates the role of the private key or recovery phrase. The Avatar Wallet is smart-contract-deployed on chain, transactions from which can only be approved by the wallet owner's credentials AKA the JWT,from the Google account.

The owner's credentials from Google will be sent to the smart contract as a transaction. As a result, the wallet owner doesn't need to memorize and maintain a private key or recovery phrase. Therefore, the security of Avatar Wallet depends on that of Google.

Connect Avatar Wallet to PlaNFT

Step 1: Log in to PlaNFT.

Step 2: Click Connect Wallet, you will see the following page as shown below.

Step 3: Optional, you can change your profile name and picture if you like.

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